Albion is a community club & it’s aim is to provide an opportunity for anyone who wishes to participate in sport, a team to play with and a club to join. The club values this above producing ‘winning teams’ or finding/signing the next ‘Messi’ each year. The club ethos is to improve these children as players in terms of skill and teamwork in a safe and friendly environment. Above all though the club try to improve life skills, confidence & personality of the kids through participation.


Albion Rovers rate the success of it’s teams not in terms of titles or cups but rather in terms of the number of teams in the club and consequently the number of players participating and leaving no-one out and giving everyone the opportunity to play. The club has been highly successful in this regard during the last 3 years and has increased underage participation at the club from approx 200 in 2013 to over 400 this season. Development is all important as everyone gets a chance to play irrespective of ability so they all have an opportunity to improve and participate. The club doesn’t hold trials or grade teams at any of the young age groups and as a result we may not win cups or Leagues every year but the vast majority of players are delighted to play.


Each year Albion runs a number of events including the following :-

Ø Primary Schools Cup for 6 local Schools – participation event for teams from 1st-6th Class for Boys and Girls Teams,

Ø Club Soccer Camps in Easter, Summer & Halloween, FAI Summer Soccer School & Soccer Sisters open to anyone not just club members

Ø Eddie Maher Memorial Pre Season Tournament

Eddie's Place

The new heart of the club is Eddie's Place. Eddie's Place is the club's coffee shop which is dedicated to the late Eddie Maher who was an underage manager with the club. Eddie sadly passed away suddenly in March 2009.


The Club has over 80 volunteers working weekly to provide excellent coaching and services to all members, all coaches are Garda Vetted and must attend the Child Welfare Awareness Course as well as taking coaching courses to ensure progress within the club. The club has a Director of Coaching who has been with Albion for 34 years and he provides support, advice, direction and guidance to everyone associated with Albion Rovers Football Club.